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  • Nicole

    From: $52.00 From: $21.00

    Nicole carries a veil of mist around her. She flirts with life leaving an allure of mystery. Who is she? What will she do next? She exudes sophistication and simplicity in the same breath. She will take you on a ride filled with surprises from morning to evening. The Nicole silk bracelet is handcrafted in…

  • Aurelie

    From: $52.00 $21.00

    If you are looking to add a bold, statement accessory to your wardrobe, Aurelie silk bracelet produced from Just Cavalli designer fabric is the perfect accessory for you. Versatile, trendy Aurelie will add a burst of colour and audacity to any outfit. It is produced in limited edition from luxurious fine silk, sourced from our merchants in New…

  • Violette

    From: $52.00 $21.00

    We are in the mood for gentle spring and summer breezes. Are you? The Violette silk bracelet is the perfect accessory for your outfits, whether they are for work, a casual catch-up with a friend, or a date night. Pair it with a little black dress or a romper and you’re all set! The Violette…

  • Ellie

    From: $52.00 $21.00

    Can you smell vanilla and strawberries? Fun and amusingly elegant, the Ellie silk bracelet will add a joyful note to your outfit. This silk bracelet is fun as well as versatile. It will add a careless touch to a 'femme fatale' dress as well as a statement to your playful denim outfit. The Ellie silk scarf bracelet is handcrafted…

  • Pauline

    From: $52.00 From: $21.00

    Those lazy evenings... Sipping on sangrias in a little floaty dress (or a suit in some cases) is certainly more enjoyable with a delicate pink silk bracelet wrapped around a wrist. This silk bracelet is one of our warm season gems for the more adventurous fashionistas. The silk scarf bracelet is handmade in limited edition from…

  • Monique

    From: $52.00 $21.00

    Soft, pastel, feminine silk bracelet is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Looks stunning combined with other pastel colours or as a statement accessory worn with a little black dress. This silk scarf bracelet is handmade in limited edition from luxurious fine silk twill, sourced from our merchants in New York City. Item details: – colours: purple, beige,…

  • Gabriella

    From: $52.00 $21.00

    Bright, bold, beautiful? Oh yes! Embrace tropical feel all year round with this vibrant, jungle flora themed silk bracelet. Inspired by rainforest - fit for the city life, this silk scarf bracelet is handmade in limited edition from luxurious fine silk, sourced from our merchants in New York City. Item details: – colours: multi-coloured (orange, green, pink, blue, purple)…

  • Sophie

    From: $52.00 $21.00

    Sophie silk bracelet is a great option for making a statement. Pair it with a cocktail dress, formal suit or jeans and a T-shirt. Versatile and elegant, the timeless Sophie silk bracelet will breathe ‘CHIC’ into your outfit. The Sophie silk scarf bracelet can also be tied around the neck, in your hair or around a bag…

  • Belle

    From: $52.00 $21.00

    Create an elegant and timeless look with this Belle Silk Bracelet designed for a confident and ambitious woman. A structured masculine pattern will add a statement to an outfit. Get ready for those curious glances at your wrist, be it a boardroom seat or a hotel bar stool... The Belle Silk Bracelet is a conversation starter at the very…

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    From: $52.00

    Everyone needs a bit of timeless elegance. Agatha's sophisticated paisley patterns will add a special touch to that day-to-day work suit. It will wonderfully carry you through to the evening and brighten up the little chic dress for a romantic night out. The Agatha is handcrafted in limited edition from the fine Alice&Olivia silk, which we handpicked from our…

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    From: $52.00 From: $36.00

    In the mood for sun. This floral silk pattern has won over our hearts. Lola Silk Wrap Bracelet has been made from Oscar de la Renta silk fabric and is a great complement to an outfit for any occasion: sunny day on the beach, weekend brunch with friends or a romantic date. Lola silk scarf bracelet has been…