Silk Philosophy was born as a style destination for those in search of elegant refinement and casual luxury, finest designer prints with crisp color and playful sophistication are the signature of the Silk Philosophy label. Established in New York City, Silk Philosophy creates silk bracelets and affordable yet luxurious accessories in our quest to help elegant and sophisticated women style day to day outfits with refined personal touch and a dash of Parisian charm.


At Silk Philosophy, we never compromise quality over quantity: all accessories are handmade by local seamstresses from limited quantities of carefully selected exclusive silk prints sourced from silk merchants in New York City.


Silk Philosophy takes its women-focused approach beyond its production by supporting various social activism initiatives, such as Model Activisim striving for more equitable, just and sustainable industry and the world.


Sustainability at Silk Philosophy is an ingrained part of our brand’s culture. Although we recognize that we are not perfect, we strive to reduce our footprint and do better every day. We believe that every design and production decision makes an impact, thus, we remain considerate and take action in each and every step of the way. More importantly, being transparent about our commitment to sustainable tomorrow is our obligation to you and the environment.