This Blakely woman exudes a magnetic charm and unwavering confidence that effortlessly draws others to her. As a charismatic leader, her presence commands attention and ignites inspiration in those around her.


The Blakely mini silk scarf is handcrafted in limited edition from the finest silk twill and can be worn as a choker, mini silk scarf, silk bracelet, hair accessory or handbag charm. It comes wrapped in a timeless Silk Philosophy gift box, making it a perfect gift.


Colorful silk bracelet will add a touch of cheerful glamour and classics. Give it a try!


  • Color: navy and fuchsia
  • Fabric: 100% silk twill
  • Size: MEDIUM
  • Measurements: approx. 33” X 2” (85cm x 5cm)
  • Ring: your choice of stainless steel ring 1.2” (3 cm)
  • Each bracelet was individually and carefully hand-crafted, thus, expect slight variations in the appearance of each unique piece


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