Category: Spring ’15

5 simple ways to reinvent your look with a silk scarf

25 April 2015

Instead of spending a fortune on trendy spring/summer accessories, why not to dig out your old silk scarf – a timeless multifunctional accesssory to revamp your outfits?

This is how you do it:

1. Silk head scarf.

4 Tricks to Ride the 70s Trend This Year

30 March 2015

As you might have noticed, polka dots and silk scarves are IN IN IN this season, together with a tailwind of the 70s trend and monochrome patterns. Can’t be bothered to splash the cash on yet another …

5 ways to wear a silk wrap bracelet

8 March 2015

Could a twilly truly be a multi-functional accessory? Oh yes! That’s how we wear it:

1. Silk cuff. Stand out from the crowd wearing your silk bracelet wrapped around your wrist. Choose a bright twilly if you …

Spring Up in a Tie!

1 March 2015

What is your staple for this Spring? We were excited to see YSL, Gucci and Balmain editorials in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, where the skinny scarf seems to be a hot trend this season. We clap our …

Silk & Leather? Oh Yes!

23 February 2015

How much time do you spend in the morning putting together your work outfit? Or in the evening, deciding what the best combo for a night out would be? Often do we find ourselves wondering whether silk …

WEAR Your Perfume

20 February 2015

Leaving a house without a hint of your favourite cologne could equal leaving a house without a skirt. But how to make the perfume last longer? For a subtle scent, dab a drop of your perfume on …

How To Dress Assertively

18 February 2015

When at work, we wish it was easier to be that woman who always radiates confidence and elegance, yet has a hit of mystery about her. She looks in control even when she is late for a …

Looking and feeling like Chanel

16 February 2015

Nothing beats Monday gloom better that looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking ‘girl, you do look good!’. Pearls and silk even on a plain white shirt are guaranteed to get the desired effect.…

Wrapped in fur

15 February 2015

Opposites attract. How about a touch of light and sensual silk and the fullness and warmth of a fur collar? Faux fur will look as good. Spring is nowhere to be seen yet, so wrap up warm!…

Dreaming of spring

10 February 2015

Is it long to go? If you are like us and find yourself daydreaming of spring and all those beautiful things that you are going to wear when it gets tiny bit warmer – don’t wait! Cheat …