It’s choker season – make way for silky seduction

27 November 2016

Silk, velvet, thin, thick, embellished, printed, plain, with pendants or bows, this year’s neck choker trends have something for everyone. At Silk Philosophy, we picked the hottest materials to create emblematic styles for your lovely necks. Best …

Four ways to instantly look more Parisian

26 July 2016

Who does not feel a tad bit jealous of the effortless demeanor of French starlets at film festivals or of the demure elegance of French ladies at the terraces of Parisian cafes? Here are four ways to …

5 simple ways to reinvent your look with a silk scarf

25 April 2015

Instead of spending a fortune on trendy spring/summer accessories, why not to dig out your old silk scarf – a timeless multifunctional accesssory to revamp your outfits?

This is how you do it:

1. Silk head scarf.

Wrapped in fur

15 February 2015

Opposites attract. How about a touch of light and sensual silk and the fullness and warmth of a fur collar? Faux fur will look as good. Spring is nowhere to be seen yet, so wrap up warm!…

Dreaming of spring

10 February 2015

Is it long to go? If you are like us and find yourself daydreaming of spring and all those beautiful things that you are going to wear when it gets tiny bit warmer – don’t wait! Cheat …