5 ways to wear a silk wrap bracelet

8 March 2015

Could a twilly truly be a multi-functional accessory? Oh yes! That’s how we wear it:

1. Silk cuff. Stand out from the crowd wearing your silk bracelet wrapped around your wrist. Choose a bright twilly if you …

Jetset style

29 January 2015

When flying… do it in style: hydrate (bubbles, e’hem, or water), your fave mag, and a hint of your individuality. Just a subtle one.…

Cashmere and silk

24 January 2015

Intense Saturday shopping? Nothing beats a glass of bubbly. Relaxing and unwinding, while wrapped in cashmere and silk.…

Happy time

23 January 2015

Out for a coffee on a cold and frosty morning in London. Warm hat – check, scarf – check, wrist accessory – check.…

Michael Kors & Silk Philosophy

20 January 2015

Express shopping during lunch break? Oh yes! Snatched these simple Michael Kors bracelets to pimp up the SILK TWILLY Loving the combo!…

With love from Dubai

14 January 2015

Inspiration from our close friends and supporters in Dubai. Faithful to silk wrist accessories.…

Silky Sunday time

11 January 2015
Time is slow on Sundays. That’s why we love them! Silk wrist scarf re-invented.