Endless ways to wear a silk wrap bracelet

8 March 2015

Could a mini silk accessory truly be a multi-functional accessory? Oh yes! That’s how we wear it:

Silk cuff – 1: Stand out from the crowd wearing your silk bracelet wrapped around your wrist. Choose a bright geometric or flower print bracelet if you are wearing all solid colors and want to add a subtle splash of color. Or opt for a more muted one if you want your wrist scarf to blend in with the outfit yet let your personality shine through.

Watch accessory – 2: Yes, we know that nice watches can be pricey but let’s be honest – we do get bored wearing the same one year in and year out. A mini silk scarf is a fun, trendy and easy way to revamp the look of your old watch. Achieve a unique look everyday by matching a different silk wrap bracelet with your watch.

Handbag accessory – 3: Wrap your scarf wrap bracelet around a handle of your handbag and voilà – an old handbag comes back to life again! Play with colors to match the season. Opt for darker, richer tones to complement the blacks, browns and grays of in colder season while, light and colorful silk wrap bracelets will uplift the look of your handbag in spring and summer.

Hair accessory – 4: Add a carelessly elegant touch by using your silk wrap bracelet to tie your hair in a little pony tail, braid it in or wrap it around simple bun. Release your inner haute hippie!

Ankle bracelet – 5: Want to look hot, sexy and unique – tie your mini silk scarf around your ankle to draw attention to those fabulous sandals that you are wearing.

Mini neck tie – 6: Make your face look bright and awake without layering on foundation, bronzer, blush and spending tons of precious time in front of the mirror every morning.   





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