How to tie your luxe silk bracelet

You ask us quite often about what is the right way to tie our silk bracelets. Honestly, there is no right way, you can tie them anyway you like: with the ring or without, wrap around your wrist once or twice, make a loop or leave long ends. Basically, everything works as long as you feel comfortable, stylish and at ease. Nonetheless, we put together a little guide to help you with your first try-on, but we are confident that you’ll be rocking your luxe silk bracelet in many different ways.

Below is a short video and the 8 step description on how to tie your bracelet. Have fun and let us know if you have any questions or maybe suggestions?

  1. Fold the silk bracelet in half and pull a small loop through the ring;
  2. Put your wrist through the loop holding your silk bracelet;
  3. Lift both ends above your wrist, so that wring slides to the middle of your wrist;
  4. Wrap each end underneath your wrist;
  5. Wrap one of the ends around your wrist to meet the other end;
  6. Catch both ends under your wrist;
  7. Holding one end tie a double knot underneath your wrist;
  8. Adjust the positioning of the bracelet to your liking and voila you’re ready to go!

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